EGG of QUAIL – indications

Our product, with the above-mentioned enhancements, is the "Egg of Quail".
"Egg of Quail", represents in general for the oriental peoples a very appreciated dietetic food, replacing the chicken's egg, as it is much richer in proteins and vitamins, is much easier to digest and has a therapeutic effect. The traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine especially appreciate the pharmaceutical effect of the quail's eggs, along with the Carrot of Korea (Root of Life) and the viper's venom. The naturalist therapy, more and more approved by the modern medicine and pharmacology, recommends the natural products of vegetal and animal origin in prophylactic, curative, and preservation ends.
The continuous enhancements brought until now in feeding our quails, specialized in producing treatment eggs, have allowed to successfully ameliorate or treat a lot of affections, letting us to conclude and to recommend them, with the following indications:

1. They improve the heart functioning, recovery of the organs weaken through physical wear and overstrain, the spectacular recovery after periods of stress and exhaustion, after surgical interventions and radiotherapy, in cases of burns, ante- and postnatal, birth without pain, and long nursing;
2. Regulates the gastric acidity and the digestion;
3. Protects the neural cells, refreshing and improving the memory and the intelligence coefficient;
4. Have a positive effect in treating the kidney, liver, ophthalmologic and ORL diseases;
5. Are very valuable in raising and growing up of the children, revitalize the body, irrespective of age, and extends the lifetime, resolves anemia / spasmophilia, migraines and neural asthenia;
6. Hormonal anabolic. Metabolic regulator with a wide range action, recovery in diabetes;
7. Sexual impotence, bronchi asthma, TBC, hypercholesteremia, allergic rhinitis, allergies, eczema;
8. Favorable effects in skin care in general and in hair care;
9. Strengthening and increasing the immunity, regulating the disturbances of weight and growing up;
10. Continuous maintenance of the healthy body and supporting the efforts for the athletes. …

Depending on the severity of the affections and the purpose had in view, the following cycles of cure are informatively recommended:
CURE OF 252 EGGS – for adults in most affections and for maintenance.
CURE OF 30-147 EGGS - accordingly, for children.

There are NO adverse reactions.

WARNING: These recommendations regard only the treatment with the eggs produced by us at the "Family Ecological Farm", at the time of the appearance of this material, so they represent the conclusion or the results of applying the special consummate technology in the over 25 years of applied research. … We cannot guarantee you that you can get the same or at least similar results with eggs originated from other sources or with eggs from the network of the type Food Shop (if someone can conceive that the Food Shop is the ideal place from where to procure a therapeutic product which will restore someone's health), the technology of feeding and foddering the poultry being TOTALLY, TOTALLY DIFFERENT, which, of course, lead more than sure, to acquire COMPLETELY DIFFERENT RESULTS!
Nothing is more valuable than health!!! The cure with quail's eggs obtained through our revolutionary method act wonderfully both alone and concomitantly with any indispensable medical treatment in progress, enhancing its effect and diminishing the treatment period! We must not miss o complete cure of therapy with our product if you care about your and your family's health! God has given us life as a gift, we should do as such to enjoy as much as we can this gift, seeing to preserve our health!

The miraculous effects of that miniature product of the type panacea, are given by: the superior quality of the egg protein; the lack of cholesterol (is the only dietetic egg); composition: proteins, special and safe glucides in diabetes or other diseases in which the glucides are forbidden, fine special lipids, lecithin, vitamins, mineral salts, essential amino-acids, antiallergenic factor. Compared to the chicken egg, which is 5 times bigger, the quail one contains 5 times more phosphor, 7.5 times more iron, 6 times more B1 vitamin, 15 times more B2 vitamin. Too, it contains the whole range of A, B, D3, E vitamins, plus 7.5 times more microelements like calcium, zinc, sulphur, potassium, and rare metals, indispensable to the healthy life. It contains an anticholesterol agent that cleans the sanguine vessels from the deposits of cholesterol, including the fine cerebral ones. It contains an agent that helps in cellular recovery, implicitly of the organic matrix. The nutritive value at 100 g of product is of approximately: 700 kJ; 12% proteins; 14% fats; 0.5% glucides; 1% minerals.

These data are informative and certainly constantly improved in almost all the directions, after a continuous work of research and amelioration. In 2005 and 2006 we have the hope of breaking all the records in the field, by adopting a new and revolutionary technology, of own conception, which will bring about a quantitatively and qualitatively advancement of the bioactive substances in the product already so precious. We mention that even now we use, besides the classical readapted technologies, unique technologies and of own conception or adapted, in order to harmonize the entire content, with the participation of the balancing factors, accordingly, consisting in telluric, cosmic, and / or biomagnetic energy, etc., or watering with certain medicinal herbs gathered in certain stages of their development, depending on the stars alignments, waters vitamin-mineralized through soaking or ionized waters… and much, much love!

The technology we mentioned is unique and is based on studies undertaken beginning from 1979, in a lot of fields of science. That's how it can be explained the fact that by practicing a own technology completely different, we get these results, totally exceptional!
And one more argument: why not to heal naturally several diseases at once?

The LITTLE EGGS of QUAIL produced by us with a special unique technology CANNOT be procured from the shops of Food Shops, Supermarket or Chemists'! The only way to enter the possession of the little eggs is to contact us directly! You get all the explanations, send the money on the address of contact and we send you the fresh little eggs for one, two or three weeks. Then we resume, until the end of the therapy! The parcel arrives, depending on the town, in 12-24 hours in the best conditions! These specifications are for the persons on the Romanian territory! For requests from other sides of Europe or other continents, we expect ideas about the way to come in possession of the precious therapeutic little eggs!
The little eggs are fresh, gathered in the day of the delivery, packed in special casings, resistant to transportation! The payment is made in advance for the entire cure.

Address of contact for payment is:
Neculai Gabriel
O.P. 3 - C.P. 177
Arad - cod. 310540
judet ARAD - Romania

For relations and comands, phone me in Romanian, of numbers:

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